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with dennis rodman, former nba star, current reality tv star. >> can you believe you're saying that? >> no, let me just finish it. it is one of the more bizarre utterances. he has become sort of an accidental diplomat becoming the first american to meet with kim jong-un, the new, young leader of north korea. there he is in the video. so here's the question for you, what's the consensus at this point? did he, oddly enough, make a fresh opening for the united states with one of the most repressive and isolated regimes on the planet, or did he get used by a brutal dictator? >> you see those pictures right there. clearly the north korean regime will be happy with those pictures. we'll see what he says when he comes out in his first interview and learn a lot more. he has spent more time one-on-one with kim jong-un than any other american. you know, you talk to experts right now. they say he knows more than anyone in the cia knows about kim jong-un, so anything he says about the dictator is interesting, but it will be interesting also to see his take on kim jong-un and whether he sticks by those
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. for "good morning america," clayton sandell, abc news, dennis rodman. >> wow, what a lucky kid. >>> well, we'll turn now to weather and after battering the west another brutal storm is now heading into the midwest with almost a dozen states in its path. meteorologist ginger zee is here with the details. good morning, ginger. >> good morning, bianna. good morning, everybody. we want to start with dennis rodman. had denver, 16 inches. parts of minnesota even picking up around 5 and now it all moves to the north and east. but i'll show you pics from denver. 600 flights were canceled. some of them smaller planes but either way it was definitely disruptive then, of course, this went to minnesota and that's where you'll see pictures from right there. so it's not just in colorado but, of course, areas to the north and east and this is how the low is going to move. watch with me here as it goes up into parts of wisconsin, and, of course, iowa, i des moines going to get hit then wausau right in there too. how much? 4 to 6 inches. north and east of des moines you could be in the 8 plus area. wausau up
're reading. coming up, dennis rodman joins george stephanopoulos on "this week." a lot of people hadn't heard dennis rodman speak. jimmy kimmel took care of that. >> rodman gave an interview to george stephanopoulos yesterday. some people had a hard time understanding what he was saying. i speak fluent rodman. he said, one thing about that, you know what, i didn't look at all that right there. i understand what he's doing. i don't condone that, i hate the fact that he's doing that, but the fact is that you know what? that's a human being, though. he let his guards down. he did one day to me, been a friend, i didn't talk about that. i understand now. i understand that. [ laughter ] okay, let's see another one. >> if you don't want to do that, he don't want to do that. you know what, dude, it's more like -- i'm not a diplomat. i don't want to do that. >> that's classic. >> and scene. it was great, great moment. >>> okay, everyone, stand by to go live. ♪ [ male announcer ] every time you say no to a cigarette you celebrate a little win. nicorette gum helps calm your cravings and makes you less
. basketball hall of famer dennis rodman, making international headlines, becoming the first american to meet north korean leader kim jong-un. file this under the strangest but the truest. abc's claire shipman has more, now, in washington. good morning to you, claire. >> reporter: good morning, josh. maybe it's an updated take on that cold-war ping-pong diplomacy. the match-up is bizarre. but both personalities are so quirky, it almost makes a strange sort of sense. it's a long way to go for a bromance. >> it's my first time. i think it is -- most these guys' first time. >> very upset. >> reporter: american bad boy nba hall of famer dennis rodman. and worldwide bad boy, dictator, kim jong-un. two guys, sharing a lot of laughs in north korea. bonding at a harlem globetrotters exhibition game. the north korean leader is a passionate basketball fan. afterwards, sushi at the leader's palace. background music -- the theme song from that smash tv show, "dallas." the unlikely courtship made the front page of the newspaper. rodman assured his new pal, he has a friend for life. apparently, it's basket
. >> surreal is another word. we have a followup now to my interview with dennis rodman. on "this week" yesterday, i pressed for details on the meeting with kim jong-un. no american has spent more time with the new dictator than rodman. he came back with a message for president obama. let's go to jon karl at the white house for the e reaction. >> reporter: good morning, george. the white house is not too impressed with rodman's trip to north korea nor what he had to say about it. they say they won't be acting on the message he brought back for the president. >> i sat with him for two days. he asked me to give obama -- say and do one thing. he wants obama to do one thing, call him. >> reporter: it was one of the most bizarre interviews even seen on a sunday political talk show. >> it was such great experience. >> reporter: the flamboyant basketball hall of famer talking about his love for one of the most notorious dictators on the planet. >> when you said you love kim and think he's awesome, were you aware of threats and his regime's horrendous record on human rights? >> i don't condone
. >> and dennis quaid trying to get back together. but the divorce papers already -- >> the papers have been filed with the judge. they haven't been signed yet. according to the california law, at least as i understand it, you get a 60-day grace period. you can take a mulligan, you have 60 days to do it. >> the marriage mulligan. nice. >>> the kid's choice awards. my daughters and your daughter agree on one big thing. >> outraged that jennifer lawrence was not given the butt-kicker award. outraged. >> if not her, who? >> the odds in our house and yours apparently, she should have been. >> second runner up. >> i guess. >> josh duhamel did a great job. >> he did. you're wearing costumes, getting slimed. he congratulated his wife, fergie, who is pregnant. you have to maintain energy. he did a good job. >> the bump off. that was funny. >> it was. exactly. they look good. whole new audience for them now. >> you have to be game to carry that off. >> you do. you really do. it's basically uncomfortable costumes and a dose of humiliation. he did a good job. >> a smart career move, right? >> a very smart ca
what, as you got carried around by juan martin del potro, how long have you been playing dennis, rebecca? >> i've been playing tennis for eight years. >> oh, my gosh. >> unbelievable. well, you've got quite a future. i notice you were talking to ben stiller over the net. what did he say to you before and after? >> he said you're going down! >> so did you know they were going to pull you out of the stands? were you -- what did you think when they picked you? >> well, i met them before, but i had no idea i was going to go on the court. >> wow. well, i tell you what, the fact that -- i mean, you were amazing and we want to thank you very quickly. what was it like when juan martin del potro picked you up and carried you around? >> well, i got really sweaty from his sweat and surprising. >> well, you were fantastic. i tell you, rafa nadal will never pick you out of the stands ever again. rebecca suarez, you have quite a future. thank you for joining us this morning. we appreciate it. [ applause ] unbelievable. jealous. i'm jealous. >> tina fey, amy poehler, taylor swift. [ female ann
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)